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Convox Newsletter: April 2024 - EKS Pod Identity, NLB Security Groups, and More Features

Hello Convox Community

As we move into the 2nd quarter of this year, we are excited to share our latest updates with you. This month, we unveiled a redesigned website and launched an updated version of the Convox Console. The new design adopts a modern, streamlined interface to improve your user experience by facilitating easier navigation and making the Convox platform more interactive and user-friendly. In the coming weeks, anticipate further insights, valuable updates, and the latest advancements, all aimed at enabling you to fully utilize our evolving solutions. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and success together.

Feature Highlights:


  • Enhanced Usability - We've upgraded the Convox Console with new visual styles for a cleaner interface, improved user flows for smoother navigation, and performance tweaks for faster operation. Experience a more efficient and responsive Console.

v3 Racks:

  • NLB with Security Group Support - V3 racks now support configuring Network Load Balancers (NLB) with Security Groups, enhancing network security and traffic management for your services.
  • IAM Policy Configuration for EKS Pod Identities - We've added the option to configure IAM policies for services using AWS EKS Pod Identities, providing finer access control and enhancing security for your Kubernetes workloads.
  • Watch CLI Option - We've introduced a 'watch' option for list commands in v3 CLI, allowing simpler monitoring of resources directly from your terminal.

These updates reflect our continuous commitment to keep Convox at the cutting edge of developer tools, providing the reliability, security, and efficiency essential for your success.

Rack Release Notes:

Version 2 (RSS or GitHub)

  • 20240423223022 - Fixed record set error during updating app parameter InternalDomain due to AWS CloudFormation changes
  • 20240422183026 - Fixed error during updating of app's internal record due to AWS CloudFormation changes
  • 20240409212528 - Added logging configuration for build task definition

Version 3 (RSS or GitHub)

  • 3.18.0 - Add watch CLI option for list commands, Add support for NLB with Security Group, Use aws-load-balancer-controller to manage NLB
  • 3.18.1 - Add option to configure IAM Policy for services using AWS EKS Pod Identities, Add rack parameter to enable AWS EKS Pod Identities agent

Let your team focus on what matters.