Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the information that Convox, Inc. collects about users of Convox Console ( ), how it collects that information, and how it uses and shares that information. Convox may change this policy by posting a dated revision to .

Convox Console collects user names, passwords, and e-mail addresses of users who create accounts using the signup form. Convox Console also collects and stores administrative credentials for each software deployment platform, or Rack, that you manage with Convox Console. Some features of Convox Console are only available if you provide information about yourself.

Convox Console uses HTTP cookies to remember you, keep you logged in, store your user interface preferences, and track your usage of Convox Console. Convox Console does not honor Do Not Track request headers. Convox records requests and other interactions with Convox Console in server logs. Server logs may record information such as which URL your web browser requested, when you made the request, what web browser and kind of device you used to make the request, and other data, such as data typed into a form on Convox Console, passed between your web browser and Convox Console servers.

Convox uses information collected by Convox Console to provide Convox Console functionality and track usage analytics. Convox uses your e-mail address to send notices about Convox Console and other Convox products and services.

Convox shares information collected by Convox Console with third-party computing systems and infrastructure used to provide Convox Console. Convox does not sell or license information from Convox Console to third parties for separate business purposes, such as advertising.

Third-Party Services

If you enable Convox Console integrations with third-party services, such as GitHub, GitLab, and Slack Convox Console will access and share information about you through those services in order to integrate with them. For GitHub and GitLab, Convox Console will access information about your user account, as well as your public and private software repositories, in order to build and deploy applications. Convox Console will share build and other events with Slack.

Convox Console uses Stripe to collect and process payment card information, such as credit card information, to bill for paid parts of Convox Console. Stripe collects billing information, stores it, and uses it to charge your payment method on Convox's behalf.

Convox Console uses Segment to track usage statistics. Segment code on Convox Console may use cookies and other tracking methods to collect this information. Those methods may track your activity over time and across multiple websites.

Other Privacy Policies
Third-party services may collect, share, and use information about you in other ways, according to their own privacy policies.

Last updated Mar 5, 2019