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Convox Newsletter: June 2024 - v3 Node and Deployment Controllers, Console Updates

Convox Newsletter: Feature Highlights, Releases, v2 Rack and v3 Racks

Hello Convox Community,

As we move through the vibrant summer season, we are excited to bring you the latest updates from Convox. This month, we’ve rolled out a host of new features and enhancements aimed at streamlining your workflow and optimizing your Convox experience. We’ve been busy refactoring our console pages to enhance flow and performance, updating our v3 node and deployment controllers for even better functionality, and introducing the ability to install racks into the Console with a Runtime Integration directly from the CLI.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting features on the horizon, including integrated managed RDS and new balancer options for UDP support on v3 racks, as well as refactored scaling with pre-ramp capabilities for v2 racks. Additionally, we are enhancing our console with improved RBAC, building on our previous updates, and introducing custom webhooks for greater flexibility.

Stay connected for more updates and innovative solutions in the upcoming weeks. Together, let’s continue to achieve remarkable milestones.

Feature Highlights:


  • Console Rack Installation via CLI: We’ve introduced the ability to install v3 racks into the Console with Runtime Integration directly from the CLI. This enhancement streamlines the setup process, making it more efficient and friendly to automate, allowing you to manage your infrastructure with ease.
  • Ongoing Console Enhancement: We are actively upgrading the underlying framework of our console to the latest technology. This phased rollout is designed to improve performance, responsiveness, and overall user experience, ensuring that your interactions with Convox are faster, smoother, and more intuitive.

v3 Racks:

  • Updated Node and Deployment Controllers: Our latest updates to the node and deployment controllers enhance functionality and performance. These improvements ensure more efficient deployments and better handling of node termination events, leading to zero downtime and increased reliability.

Release Notes:

Version 3 (RSS or GitHub)

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